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Dr. John Bodycombe

Are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed, lost, or unsatisfied in your life? Do these feelings impact your mood, your relationships, or your work? I specialize in helping adults and emerging adults (18-50s) people work through these sorts of challenges. These challenges can often result in feelings of depression and anxiety, or can come through in our relationships through short tempers, seeming "clingy," or wanting to be alone. I can help you work through these issues in order to improve your quality of life and work toward your goals.

I also specialize in working with men. Men often learn to internalize their issues which can make them feel isolated and lost. Additionally, seeking help may feel like weakness or failure. By helping men connect to themselves better, I can help them improve their relationships and improve their lives.

Finally, I have extensive experience in working with trauma. Have you experienced something which left you feeling shaken? Do you have reoccurring nightmares or intrusive thoughts about an event? Do you notice feeling panicked and overwhelmed when something reminds you of a difficult experience? Trauma can affect anyone, and it can be debilitating long after the event actually occurred. Nothing can change the fact that you have gone through something traumatic, but by working in therapy you can reclaim your life by changing the way that experience affects you moving forward.